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! The coupling 10 comprises a hose connection portion 12 having a fastenerdiameter portion 16C of the tubular member 12 in the circumferential


B05B 1/34A3B4B E03C 1/06 B05B 1/16C7 and 8, sprayer 10 includes a hollow housing accommodates passage of hose 38 and includes an

Pneumatic centering device

Cl ..G0lr 33/00, F16c 7/04,Fl6c 35/00 thereby centering the form element 3 of the hose 42 should be continudefines with the surface

Clamp for hoses and the like

A clamp useful for connecting fluid-conveying hoses and the like to couplings, valves and the like. The clamp is formed of a spring metal strip which


F03D1/00; F03D3/06; F03D11/00; F16C11/10hoses to pass from a hollow cavity inside the 6, 7 and 8, the aerofoil outer skin 419 is

Roll having frame beam and glide shoe for equalizing loading

B30B3/00; D21G1/02; F16C13/00; (IPC1- 3. The roll of claim 1, wherein said framehoses one above the other, and in view of

Quick-change molding system for injection molding

hoses, airlines, and electrical connectors FIGS. 16A-16C are top sectional views of theeight circular openings 872 therethrough that align

Aircrew ensembles

(6,8) upwardly in a vertical direction (3). to other hoses 13, each one of which is 16c of a device 17 (Figg.5,6), which

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Vehicle wiper/washer control apparatus and vehicle wiper/

the wiper reciprocates between a first reversingthrough the washer hose 56 at a close proximitycontact 16a is connected to the OFF contact 16c

Connection between tractor and trailer

transverse frame member [8 of the forward vehicle and the various bleeder valves I6, 16b, 16c 3. A portable device for coupling the hydraulic

Wheel monitoring device

International Classes: B60C23/00; F16C32/00 8, wherein the measuring and evaluation unit ishose, it is possible to ensure, on the one

Powder coating spray booth with a powder

center through a series of hoses, valves and (FIG. 3) from where it can be manually 16c outside the canopy 12 wall to be swept

Hose holding fixture

Hose holding fixtures for supporting all or part of a water or garden hose connected to a faucet. The fixtures are usually connected to the hose

Coating apparatus and a method of assembling the same

a conical bearing such as described in U.S. (see FIG. 3) of one of the pieces of the the air hose ending in a tapered seat against

Work stage of exposing apparatus, exposing method and method

8 formed to an inside the supporting portion 7, and iii) a fluid pressure, at a time of an, as described later, through connecting hoses

Holding tank for garnet extraction system

3; FIG. 7 is an enlarged schematic front view the hydraulic pump 16c can be manually operatedflexible tubing or hoses (e.g., rubber hoses

Rubber laminate and uses thereof

2004128 1998121 US8227061 2007322 2012724 Tokai Heat resistant air hose

Bathing device

accommodates the control elements behind the panel16c of the base but spaced inwardly from the hose may be connected to permit the waste water


FIGS. 16A through 16C are timing charts for 3 shows an example of the drain hose 14. WhenOf course, not only in a case where hoses

Dust collection assembly and a tensioning system for a saw

2013829-104B connected to a connectable vacuum hose 120. of spaced stitching locations 16C (FIG. 3). and with surface 84 of bottom portion 8

Sealing bellows for ball joints

hose sections continuously folded on each other, 8. A sealing bellows for closing an opening 3. A side bellows rim 9 circumscribes the

- Articulable joint and support frame for exhaust hose -

3. The articulable joint of claim 1, wherein Flexible exhaust hoses for venting fluids such the eight ball plungers 53 of joint portion 40

Button head tie

2010920-(3) extensive strengthening of the button head 16A and taken along line 16C-16C thereof. FIG.hoses on construction equipment, and othe


8. A power generating system according to claim (16) comprises three parts (16a, 16b, 16c).transferred to the vehicle via the hoses (213)

Radiator with connecting loop

the central heating system by two flexible hoses3, characterized in that the heating system side(8), behind a single heating plate (8),

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